Thursday, May 19, 2011

Galaxy Motel

My favorite outfit lately: Laced With Romance black flattop hat and cross chain, Motel dress from Dog&Pony, stockings from Le Rouge

Saw this survey on Picked Pics and got nostalgic over Myspace bulletins.
  1. A quality I would want in a future girlfriend/boyfriend: Thoughtful
  2. Story behind my last kiss: I was going home
  3. Something I am proud of: Maintaining friendships with the amazing people in my life
  4. One of my insecurities: My upper arms
  5. A secret: It won't be a secret if I tell it
  6. An ideal date: Pizza, adventuring, pool, movie
  7. A turn on: Good hair, good sense of humor
  8. A turn off: Stubbornness
  9. Something that makes me happy: Days off from work
  10. Something I regret: Not taking advantage of my youth
  11. A random fact about myself: I have scars all over my legs
  12. Where I would like to live: A lot of different places mixed into one
  13. One of my bad habits: Laziness, not finishing projects that I start
  14. Who I wish I could be: A lot of different people, but only for a few days each

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Anonymous said...

I love Laced! They've been getting some really impressive new stuff in too.