Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lingerie lady: Megan Summerville

I was recently gifted by local designer Megan Summerville with a beautiful lingerie set -- crushed pale blush velvet with vintage lace detailing. The set came with a bra and matching high-waisted panties. Summerville also personally fitted me for the set, which is a part of her February Signature Set, perfect for this month's holiday.

Photo by Kristin Wong
I was lucky enough to score a little interview with the lady herself, to get an insight on not only her design but also an introspective look on her life and loves.

How long have you been designing lingerie, specifically?
In 2006, but I’ve been sewing since I was six.

How did you fall into that particular niche?
I started by making alterations to existing lingerie, and my passion grew from there.

What inspires you?
Textiles. I enjoy taking one-of-a-kind fabrics and materials and turning those into special, handmade garments.

Who inspires you?
I admire strong, hard working women like my mother. She is a very talented weaver and watching her creative process is truly inspirational. In fact, I use her hand woven fabrics in my designs as well.

Do you have any muses -- celebrity or real-life?
I think Scarlett Johansen is drop dead gorgeous, and she appeals to such a wide audience because she is beautiful and smart.

Women can often be described as sexy, pretty or cute (or combinations) -- if you were going to label your style with one of these descriptors, which would it be?
I would describe my style as sexy, but a refined type of sexy, a true woman’s sex appeal.

What celebrity dead or alive would you want to see wear your lingerie?
Growing up, I always thought Raquel Welch was a bombshell. She was a huge beauty icon, and even into her 40s and 50s she is still gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to look like that!

I remember not knowing what size I was by 3 cup sizes when I came in for a fitting with you. Is this a problem you often come across?
Absolutely! Most women are wearing a band size too large in combination with a cup size too small. Women should be getting regular fittings approximately every six months because your weight can fluctuate or the power mesh of the garment can change.

Do you see yourself selling your pieces in other boutiques or in other cities anytime soon?
I am certainly open to expanding. Actually, I just met with someone in Dallas that wants to pitch the Megan Summerville line to a resort in Spain. That would be really exciting, but right now I am focusing on the Austin store and my newest endeavor Cypress Vanguard, Austin’s first retail co-op.

What is your favorite shop in town?
Spring Frost is a personal favorite. Not only do they have a great selection, you get a really good buyer experience. I go to Lovely Austin Boutique for all kinds of labels like Betsey Johnson. I love that Betsey Johnson is on board with the lace in outerwear movement.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Oh, I am such a foodie! In my neighborhood, my favorite pizza place is Little Deli, and I am a regular at Black Star Co-op. It is really convenient since it is on the train line, and I take the Metro to and from the shop.

What is the life span of a bra?
The industry recommended lifespan for a bra is 3 months. This takes into account they are not washed very often and they are worn day after day. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy new bra, you can take your favorite pieces in to have them adjusted.

For more info, check out Megan's website or drop by her shop.
606 3rd St.
Open 11 AM - 6 PM

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