Thursday, November 18, 2010

New favorite spots:

Monday nights at The Grand for Burger City Rock n' Roll
Tuesday nights at Shangri La for $2 wells
Wednesday nights home
Thursday nights at Jackalope for $2 wells and all of their secret password deals
Friday nights at ______Saturday nights at _______
Sunday nights at ______

I left those blank, because you know how weekends are. Gotta find "all the hottest parties" (coined from a horoscope read by Emily and Ian)

PS -- that is how I drink at home. Only one glass of champagne or wine and with the company of my evil twin.


bsimms8907 said...

You just named two of my favorite places to be: Shangri La and Jackalope. Yay!

Jackie said...

Okay, so this is weird and random, but were you in George Sylvie's j320D last year? I think we were in the same class. I was in the article as well and your name and face looked familiar so I thought I'd stop by and ask!