Monday, October 4, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Maroon 5 tickets and CDs

The lovely Jo Vos recently contacted me to do a giveaway for a show that I am very excited to announce...

ONE PAIR of tickets (valued at $150) to the Maroon 5 show October 22, 2010 @ The Woodlands Pavilion in Houston -AND- two signed copies of Maroon 5's latest album "Hands All Over," which was released Sept 21.

I am psyched to be able to pass on an opportunity like this to my readers and any other fans out there. I mean, Maroon 5 is HUGE. Who doesn't remember jamming out to "This Love" on the radio? Or ladies and gay friends, who doesn't remember lusting after Adam Levine? I mean, check out how foxy he is looking in the video for the hit single "Misery" from the new album.

Here are the rules:
1. You must leave a comment on this page.
2. Tell me about your favorite "secret" celebrity crush who people often disagree with! (EX: My co-worker and I were just rambling on about how hot Adam Levine is, which lead us to talk about Adrien Brody, who often causes hott-ness discourse among the masses. We polled ourselves though, and 100% of us thought Adrien Brody is HOT!)
3. Leave your first & last name and a working e-mail acct for me to contact you.
4. This contest is ending FRIDAY, so get your comments in on time! The tickets will be mailed to you, so I will be inquiring about an address. Tickets should arrive in 7-10 days after my giveaway ends.

Seriously, are you kidding me? So handsome.


10/06 Santa Barbara Bowl • Santa Barbara, CA
10/08 Greek Theatre • Los Angeles, CA
10/10 Greek Theatre • Berkeley, CA
10/12 Tacoma Dome Theater • Tacoma, WA
10/14 Save Mart Center • Fresno, CA
10/15 ARCO Arena • Sacramento, CA
10/16 San Diego, CA • Viejas Arena (formerly Cox Arena)
10/19 BOK Center • Tulsa, OK
10/21 Center • Dallas, TX
10/22 Woodlands Pavilion • Woodlands (Houston), TX
10/23 Hard Rock Live with OneRepublic • Biloxi, MS
10/27 UIC Pavilion • Chicago, IL
10/28 Target Center • Minneapolis, MN
10/29 Shooting Star Casino • Mahnomen, MN

+ You are also able to buy the tickets on their website, if you aren't feelin' lucky today.
Thank you Jo and Musebox for allowing me to run this contest!


DanielleTX said...

Richard Gere is my crush! Sure he's not as crisp as when he was in Pretty Woman, but I believe he has only gotten better looking with age. Night's in Rodanthe he stole my heart again. Those deep set eyes are sooo dreamy!

I sound like such a creeper! Ha!

Danielle Williamson

MaudyWaudy said...

Gerard Butler is my dreamy celebrity crush. From 300 in his shirtless bod to The Ugly Truth's bad boy demeanor he is definitely one hottie! Oh and definitely agree on Levine as well.
- Marissa Cunningham,

mountains1 said...

My celebrity crush is Ryan Reynolds. He is perfect in any movie from Nine to Amintyville Horror. I think that his sense of humor is what attracts me to him besides his looks. Would love to run my fingers through his hair. Adam Levine is just as hot!!

Jennifer Davidson

Jerms said...

I'm sorry, but there is something about sexy about Tyson Ritter from the All-American Rejects. Yes, I've grown out of my teenie-bopper punk rock phase. Yes, I'd still rock his world!

I love Maroon 5!

Jeremy Nguyen

Sophia said...
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Sophia said...

Warren Beatty circa Splendor in the Grass. Can we say hottie? And his chemistry with Natalie Wood was amazing. Definitely don't fess up to that one regularly.

Thanks for the giveaway. I <3 Adam Levine and Maroon 5!

Sophia Larrazolo

j said...
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j said...

I'm gonna have to say Elijah Wood. My friend and I were having dinner at Uchi last week and Mr. Wood (heh!) walked into the restaurant with some companions and I immediately turned away and flushed seven shades of red. I got ridiculed by my friends for the rest of the evening because they couldn't see it. :(

Jennifer Martinez

Kat Monkey said...

George Michael is my celebrity crush growing up as a child and still is today in some ways. As a child, I did not know his preference, all I knew was he is hot and melted at the sound of his British voice, but friends still tease me about it when his songs come on the radio. He is very charismatic and looked amazing back in the days of his famous videos!

Katrina Sherenco