Thursday, September 2, 2010

DUST IN THE SUN: Laced With Romance

I am finding myself in awe with the new Laced with Romance lookbook. I have been a fan of their past photoshoots, which always seem to tap into this wolf-like huntress vibe, but their latest is definitely stand-out in its high fashion feel.

Photographer: Briana Purser
Stylist: Stephanie Villalobos
Assistant Stylist: Bekah BuBose
Assistant Stylist: Jennifer Raines
Hair: Sara Cummings
MA: Jacqueline Fernandez
Models: Maggie Lea, Hannah Milford, Jordan Martinelli

Stephanie Villalobos, owner of Laced With Romance, has always had a knack for vintage clothing and styling. This beautifully directed shoot proves just that. Soon, her website will be a fully-functioning e-store. Now, you can check out her blog at I can't wait to see what she has in store for her store opening Mid-October!

1 comment:

Diya said...

hey! I think I recognize some of these models from the keep austin beautiful show...I walked with them! :D

anyway. wow, amazingly fierce lookbook