Monday, August 16, 2010

Austin Fashion Week

Hello all,
This week, I'll be covering events for Austin Fashion Week. Saturday, I was already at the kickoff party, which was pretty fun. Tiffany performed. You can watch her singing "I think we're alone now" on Adored Austin's blog, as well as the fashion show. I sat in the front row for the show, which was exciting. I can only dream of being in the front row for a show like Von Furstenberg or Lim in Milan or London someday. Anyhow, thanks very much to the Launch 787 people for making me feel special with my labeled chair.

After the show, News 8 Austin interviewed Indiana, Joanna (of Keep Austin Stylish) and I -- we all got to sit next to each other -- about the fashion show and Austin's fashion scene. I think my voice sounds silly, but I'm glad they used the bits where I talked about my favorite look by Louise Black and Austin designer Boudoir Queen. Speaking of which, I just came across this Carney video that BQ styled, and I am in love. It's amazing: the wardrobe, the woman, that lead singer (babe alert!)... thought I'd share with my readers. YOU'RE WELCOME.