Thursday, July 8, 2010

summer is slow.

I know some of you are having a whirlwind of a summer, parties and afterparties every night. Some of us are low in funds, low in energy. Summer for me has been about work, errands, improvement and relaxation at every chance.

Let me let you in on what I do to cope:

1. Vulcan Video -- these guys pretty much know me at this point. Revisiting several times a week explains that, though. I love the cheap prices and rewards (2-for-1 movie days Monday and Tuesday) and they have an illustration by my friend and me hanging at the register... you'll have to see to believe.
2. Netflix -- some of my favorite TV shows are available for streaming on the website. Gotta love that.
3. Food -- self-explanatory.

Two movies I suggest: Who's That Girl? (left) and Desperately Seeking Susan (right). If not for the content of the films, watch just for the genius styling of Madonna. Who's That Girl? is available for streaming on NetFlix, while I picked up DSS at Vulcan, for only $2.50.

Party Down, seasons 1 & 2 are available for streaming on Netflix. I have been renting Daria at Vulcan, but once I have sufficient funds, it's a MUST buy for me.


I have fallen in love with everything Annies, from gummy snacks, to cheddar crackers, to macaroni and cheese. It's a good way for me to snack without guilt.


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Austin Eavesdropper said...

Oh Tiffany! I'm with you on relaxing this summer. I love Vulcan Video, and used to have "Date Night" with myself every Tuesday for their 2-for-Tuesdays...and each time, I would select one foreign movie (for edification) and one tranny movie, like Prisilla Queen of the Desert (for entertainment).

Ironically, this was also while I was 22-23, living in a studio apartment.

Where's your new place?

(PS - Don't you hate it when you get those Asian character comments. Not to hate, but I get all excited when I see I have a new comment, and then...I can't read it :( ).

Tiffany Diane said...

My next place is on Manor! I am so excited for the move.

And I am pretty sure those are spammers, advertising... trying to get their SEO up? Possibly. Anyway, yeah, it is always a bummer, cause I hardly get comments. they are always spam