Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving on up ^

It's the season of moving and shaking, but mostly just moving. I myself will be moving to a little studio apartment August. In light of this prospect of new beginnings and home improvement, I have been thinking about design and interior decorating a lot lately.

Home Inspiration:






1. Erin Wasson's place, courtesy of The Selby.
2. Lyndsay Caleo + Fitzhugh Karol's home, courtesy of The Selby.
4. Yoshiko Kajitani's home in Tokyo, The Selby.
5. Aimee Bayliss, Nathan Smith and Anne Ryan's home, The Selby.

I will obviously not be living in luxury like these folks, but it doesn't mean I can't decorate like I am.

Things to think about:
(1) Using your accessories and shoes as decoration when you have no space to store them. All you need is nails. Ample seating for guests, and yourself. I feel like you should always have more than just one option to lounge in. Also, knick knacks, when arranged well, they are more than your grandma's display case of tchotchkes.

(2) Keeping things bright with light colors. Using found objects like tree trunks for tables. Utilizing bookshelves for both decoration and storage.

(3) Contrasting colors. Black and white is classic. I also dig shag rugs and lucite. Keep things simple if you want a clutter free environment and mind. Sometimes having too much decoration or stuff clogs your thoughts.

(4) Inspired by nature. I love the outdoors feeling of Yoshiko's pad. Taxidermy animals are great decoration. Don't go out and kill your own, though. Find vintage and antiques.

(5) Inspiration wall. In my current place, the walls are pretty bare. I just never got around to putting much on them because of school and temporary feel of my place. I've always thought it'd be nice to make a little spot in a room for inspiration. Just tacking photos, magazine cutouts, photobooth strips on the wall, obviously a little more neat and maturely than your 15-year-old self did though.
(5 cont.) Also, when space is limited and your clothing / accessories / shoes have to be outside of your closet, keep it color coordinated and organized. I kind of have that going on right now, but I wish I had only one color hanger. First of all, it keeps you from going insane looking at it, is guest-friendly, and easier to find specific pieces!

Some places to consider shopping: Prototype Vintage Design (downsized their furniture, but there are still some great finds, Thrift Stores (that carry furniture), Uptown Modern, Room Service, Craigslist (I have scored some great pieces that way), Urban Outfitters, IKEA (of course) and stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls for some great deals on decor.

That's all I have for you today. I hope this has inspired some of you in your current or future homes.



austin said...

i recently purged my life into a studio myself...

-dollar store and big lots is great cheap place for dishes, cleaning products (for the move out), shower curtain rod, clear plastic shower liners etc... honestly i regret not picking my actual shower curtain here... they had more unique easy on the eyes designs than all the regular places had...

-with such a small closet, even after purging... ikea wardrobes saved my life! i got 2 for 119$ each. Along with a bookshelf of same height i purchased, i used these to extended my closet to create an L around it. this gives me a changing area and minimizes naked flashing when going from shower to closet when i have friends over or leave the windows open.

-i didn't want the back of 5 1/2 feet ikea wardrobes ruining the ambiance of the studio so i purchased some cheap medium dark bamboo window shades(that you'd hang outside on a porch or something) and nailed them to the back which actually turned out really easy on the eyes...

-you are completely right about the shoes as decorations... unlike old clothes i didn't want to part with, i really will wear almost all my shoes some point this year and it made no sense to downsize since i was already dreaming of having $ to buy a new pair...with that said, i put 2 simple 2tier shoe racks on top of each wardrobe. I face the shoes towards the living room area as opposed to the extended closet area.

i never imagined living simple enough for a studio but it's been a great life exercise. Spending time looking at all the ideas and possibilities others on the internet are doing really makes one realize that your space is only as limited as your mind...

good luck on the move!

Tiffany Diane said...

Eee, thanks for all the tips. I have half a month to think about all this stuff. I'll definitely look into the Dollar Store haha. I love dollar stores.

You're place sounds cute, you should twitpic it.

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