Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sleep Paralysis

I have a had a couple of instances where I thought I had sleep paralysis. You know, you are looking around your room, seeing blurring shapes and figures moving around you, maybe even some phantom is in your bed with you, except you see everything else exactly how it is in reality. You try to move your limbs but they won't, and you just feel stuck in that supine position, kind of struggling. At least a couple of times, I've thought I had sleep paralysis, but I suppose I'll never know if I really did.

Anyway, Neon Indian has shot an epic-looking video for their song Sleep Paralysis. I just peeped this "making of" video & the actual music video on Bleach Online Drop and fell in love.

(update) I don't know how I missed seeing the real video, but after watching - blown away.

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