Sunday, April 25, 2010

for your pleasure / hello 1992

Bleach Online's "Hello 1992" issue is getting ready to launch Wednesday, which is so exciting to me, because I contributed a number of pieces. I am happy to say that Bleach is upgrading and changing up the layout for your aesthetic pleasure.

There will be a million intriguing, provoking pieces this time around, including street artists, musicians, filmmakers, etc. Along with the release of the issue, we are throwing you all a party! Manolo Black, Orion and uLovei will be DJing, images from the issue will be projected, and the drink specials will be spectacular! ($2 Lone Stars, $2.50 other beers,$3 frozen drinks)

Come one, come all to Lanai Wednesday night -- I am excited to see the reveal myself, from the artistic mind of Daniel Perlaky AKA City on Fire

Here are some sneakviews of the issue (via Bleach Online Drop):

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