Monday, March 22, 2010

recap SXSW2010

So, I worked a lot during South By, which meant I didn't really get to catch as many shows as I had planned to. Here is what I did manage to catch somehow though.

+ jj
+ the XX
+ Holy Fuck
+ Courtney Love + Hole
+ Snooooop Dogg
+ Estelle
+ other misc bands I can't remember the names of

+ Perez Hilton Party
+ Fader Fort
+ Carniville
+ Purevolume House
+ Party on the Lawn @ French Legation
+ AwthumFetht
+ Art Disaster
+ AA Flea Market
+ Cheer Up Charlie's thingy
+ A Bailar Cabrones

Who I missed:
+ jj a second time*
+ Steed Lord
+ Glass Candy
+ Neon Indian (for the millionth time)
+ Lady Gaga? haha
+ Macy Gray

- I have a major beef with the way the Perez Hilton party decided to run their game this year. It was way more organized and enjoyable last year. This year, not so much. I had fun once I entered the location, but the entire "before" is what I could not stand. Two people handing out wristbands in a hurry without any sort of organization, bad. Lines that ended up being meaningless due to promoters misusing their power to let in whoever they want, bad. People getting in line at 6 PM and not even getting in because they gave up after 5+ hours, wayyyy wrong. I just am shocked that this party ended up to be so disastrous in planning. I will say that seeing Snoop Dogg was worth my 4+ hr wait (I NEVER wait that long for a show, but for Snoop I wait), but there were way too many things negating the fun I had for his shorter-than-Love's set. I hope next year is better. I know last year was definitely more enjoyable, so hopefully they can do that again next time around. I was also sad special guest was NOT Gaga, but that is obviously out of their power.
- Weird traffic blockages down town -- I almost had to scoot onto the highway because of one.
- Not eating one healthy thing for a week.

The best ever:
+ Seeing so many people I knew around every time I went out. That hasn't happened much this past winter.
+ Seeing so many attractive out of towners all the time.
+ jj telling me she would play "My Life" for me at the Central Presbyterian Church -- Unfortunately, that was badge only and I missed out.*
+ Being all fan girl and getting a photo with jj.
+ So many free drinks

All-in-all not a bad experience. Exciting, but I am glad to be back into the mundaneness of my everyday life.