Saturday, February 6, 2010

w - o - w.

Last night was so much fun at the Fashion Freakout. I hope those of you who went enjoyed it, enjoyed the booze gratis, and the amazing vintage fashion lines. It was such a trip being on a catwalk / a lot of fun. I can't wait to see what next year's FF brings us, probably even bigger hair!

I thought I ought to point out an art gallery opening tonight! Alison Narro has always been there to take photos of us at parties and has collaborated a lot with Bleach Online. Cory Ryan takes photos for about every magazine in town, but namely has taken photos for Rare (and for one of my articles). Thus, I must suggest you check out their gallery opening tonight at Thunderbird (off Manor) from 7-10.

I can't wait to check out their work. Similarly, I cannot wait to see photos and footage from last night. There was so much press there!

An addendum:
Tonight is Gadjo Disko's last night, now at La Zona Rosa.
Check out this exit interview of Mack Henson of GD on The AV Club

& Pase Rock is playing at The Parish. You can go in for $5 if you wear a birthday hat, because it is DJ Prince Klassen's birthday tonight!

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