Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tonight - Cactus Cafe showcase, Tomorrow - much more

Lately there has been talk of the Cactus Cafe in UT's student union closing. I am pretty confused as to what exactly will happen, honestly, due to conflicting stories from several local news sources.

Anyway, I thought I would share this event, just in case it is closing. Plus, I quite like the sound of The Monarchs.

1. I will likely be here. This will be inside Mohawk, and it features 3 of my favorite bands in Austin. Plus, it's only $1.
2. Buddy Richard Henry DJs at Beauty Bar with a POSR live set. This is an obvious pick for some of you.
3. Steve Aoki, obvious choice for those fans out there. The venue is HUGE but it'll definitely get crowded and don't be surprised when some frat boys armpit hair is in your face because everybody decided to take off their shirts and put on glowstick necklaces. Yup. On that note, buy your tickets here:

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