Friday, February 26, 2010

No Mas Bodas album release + Cheer Up Charlies

No Mas Bodas has always been known for being more eclectic & experimental in nature. In anticipation of their recent album release and their release party at Cheer Up Charlies, I present to you a short interview with the group. Let's hear what they have to say about their music.

I asked a couple of broad questions to see what the ladies had to say, and what I got back was a poem of imagery. Check them out at Cheer up, Charlies tonight!

AIB: Describe your new album, what is it all about?
No Mas Bodas: Glitter and doom.
A Mardi Gras bead tossed at the groin.
Mind expansion.
Lipstick-smeared space helmets.
Love made under a distant planet's moon.
Watercolor eyes.

What is No Mas Bodas all about -- on stage and off?
Full-throated, voluptuous laughter.
Women worship.
Boundary humping.
Girls peeing off rooftops.
City fountain skinny dipping.
Tickling and tons of groping.

Now just in 5 words:
It's the future, ohhhh...oh.

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