Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Eve 2010

Still in Taiwan -- about 1 week left and then back to America, back to DFW, back to Austin and back to work. So, I hope you guys have been having fun in Texas. I obviously have not been keeping up with what has been going on overseas. Here, it is just a lot of family, a lot of food, great shopping and incredibly fair weather.

For New Years, I am sure a lot is going on in Austin. I am going to be celebrating the new year in Taipei, at Taipei 101 to be specific. It is supposed to be a huge thing, like the ball dropping in Madison Square Garden, but Taiwan style with a bunch of fireworks shooting off the building (tallest in the world? I am not sure.) Anyway, so far, I am aware of a couple big events happening in Austin. Let me try to list them all. I apologize if I have done a rotten job.

1. So, this first one is great because of its local music -- including bands that I am a fan of, The White White Lights and Missions. The rest are also great, I am sure, I am just less familiar. You can read more about the event on the Parish website and buy tickets online for $18 - they'll be $24 at the door. Get there early - first 100 attendees receive 2 free drinks. You'll also have a chance to win a free SXSW badge.

2. Here is Rare Magazine's event at the Seaholm Powerplant. Go the the event site to buy tickets (now $100), and to learn more about the artists (Flosstradamus and Car Stereo Wars) This one is bound to be the big event that you may regret missing out on. Sounds like fun, I would probably try to be here if I were in Austin.

3. Beauty Bar's NYE event sounds pretty great. It's only $5 at the door with an RSVP to beautybaraustinrsvp@gmail.com and $10 without. Plus, there is DJ Mel and a load of local bands.

4. This one is thrown by my old buddies at Central Booking. They are coming to Wahoo's in Austin to bring you a NYE event. It is only $5 at the door, so this is a good deal for those of you who do not have a bonus to blow on partying.

5. I don't normally advertise Co-op parties, but this one is being thrown by my buddy Blake. Plus, I went to one of his recently and it was actually pretty fun. This would probably be a good alternative for the underage ones who wanna get together on NYE. Plus, I like the flier. This one is free with free alcohol, suggested $2 donation, and suggested BYOB.
6. I couldn't quite find a flier for this one, but it is being put on by Knuckle Rumbler and appears to be at a house. Here is the Facebook event page. Dj Richard Gear and an LCD Soundsystem cover band will be playing. This event is free, but there is a suggested $5 donation. There will be free Tito's vodka and keg beer, but it is suggested that you bring your own champagne.

7. This one at Malverde is expensive, especially now, but it sounds like fun. The thing is there will be an open bar, free La Condesa hors d'oeurves, Hornitos cocktails, etc. Buy tickets on this site.

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