Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Liquor review #2: Michael Collins whiskey

Albeit, I am not a real whiskey drinker, but I am about to 'review' some real whiskey. Instead of drinking it myself, I had a guest drink it. I would have tried to tough it out, but my body just does not react well to the drink. I have tried, and wouldn't mind being able to drink it and like it, but for some reason whiskey and I just do not agree. Either way, I wanted to give Michael Collins a fair chance, so I let J drink it instead.

Pictured is the original whiskey on ice (which has turned into water). Tough guy drink. I suppose I didn't have any Coca Cola or Ginger Ale or whatever else people like to mix with whiskey, but I know whiskey drinkers tend to like to drink theirs on the rocks or with water, which I have always found totally bizarre.

Either way, J said it had a sort of vanilla-y taste to it and rated it a 5/10. Maybe he is a harsh critic; I don't know. I'll never know until I force myself to grow accustomed to whiskey. Maybe I will get a second judge, because I kind of want to give this guy a better score.

Michael Collins via homepage

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