Friday, November 27, 2009

happy everything.

Hello all,

So, this is going to be extremely informal, not that everything else that I post is not. I just mean, by saying so, that I don't have much of a formula for this one rather than just being rambley, listing things off and speaking personally.

So, it's Black Friday officially. I am sure some nuts are waiting at WalMart, or Sears, or wherever already. I am tucked into bed at 'home' back in the DFW, tired from a day filled only with TV and food, nothing terribly exciting or horrid just relaxing. I hope everybody else had an extremely filling and satisfying Thanksgiving / Turkey / Tofurkey Day.

Busy as always, without much of a chance to update. However, lucky for me, it won't be like that for too much longer, though I will be in Taiwan -- pretty much as far away from the U.S. / Austin as I could possibly get. That should be amazing!

So, as for events (that I usually post much more diligently) -- I have been attempting to keep the calendar on the side of my site updated, especially when I don't have time for posts. Give that a look. There is some stuff going on tonight (Friday), so I hope those of you in Austin at the moment enjoy your Black Friday and don't spend all your dough shopping, which isn't such a bad thought right now.

I hope you guys - my invisible audience - haven't quit reading since I haven't updated in a week. I don't quite know what is expected of one who blogs. Hope to keep up better once the storm that is the end of a semester has passed.

Much love,

P.S. I am thankful for everything, and my new scooter Baby.
+What are ya'll thankful for?

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