Friday, October 9, 2009

Ringo Deathstarr tonight

Photo by Tommy Lucas

Ringo Deathstarr is playing tonight at the new bar, The Ghost Room (304 W. 4th St.), with Portland band Space Waves and Austin duo Psychic Violence. This is the last time Ringo Deathstarr will be playing in Austin before their tour around the U.S. Then after that, I believe they are going to be coming back only to leave us again for Japan and Europe, two places I could only ever dream to visit; I'm jealous. Either way, this seems like it'll be a great crisp-weathered night activity, in your fall wear.

Otherwise, A Bailar Cabron is also going on at Creekside as slated for every other Friday.

Update: The bands playing with Ringo Deathstarr have completely changed. Here is a quote from the Renan McFarland:
there have been some last minute lineup changes due to events related to the moon. PSYCHIC VIOLENCE will not be playing. SPACE WAVES will not be playing.

Instead, Dustin (best fwends) will warm up your ears and bodies with an insane new m...usical project called MAZDA MIATA 2012.

Then, local heroes METAL BUNNIES will lull you into a vulnerable place and hurt you where it counts the most.

Finally RINGO DEATHSTARR will break every known city ordinance before they flee for an epic tour.

Sorry about the changes, hope you guys come out. It's going to be a blast."

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