Wednesday, October 14, 2009

honey liqueur + sweet tea

Liquor Review #1:

So, I got this tremendous package in the mail shortly before my birthday, which was perfect timing. Drool.

Thus, here begins a series of reviews on these special liquors. First up is my favorite, without trying the rest yet -- Barenjager. I had had this twice before by recommendation of friends and enjoyed it thoroughly. This time around, I decided to make a little cocktail when some friends came over before the Annie Mac show at Barcelona. Barenjager + Red Diamond sweet tea, I figured it would be a perfect sweet, alcoholic version of tea and honey (which everybody loves).

Don't you just love how there is a man hunting a bear using a beehive to capture it on the bottle?

Since Barenjager is so sweet already, it was honestly hard to gauge how much was really being poured in. You can barely taste the alcohol. It would be an easy drink to have on its own, but that would get some of us a little silly. So, I decided to use wine glasses, my attempt at classiness, and went with about 1/5 Barenjager and 4/5 Sweet Tea. You can probably change the ratio on that one for different effects. It was definitely as delicious as it sounds, tasted just like a very sweet tea with honey, and was perfect for just a little something before going out.

I highly suggest it. I am sure it would equally be good with any kind of juice, namely lemonade, or even in a hot drink, or just alone.


Some stats on Barenjager:
Alcohol by volume: 35%
Meaning: "Bear hunter"
Dates back to 1400s, Barenjager is one of the oldest honey-flavored liqueurs in the world.
Rating out of 10: 9.3

Drink Responsibly.


jesselmabus said...

great drink suggestion, the first time i tried barenjager i loved it. i am enjoying the new expanded focus of your blog. pax.

Curt said...

Is Barenjager available at most Austin liquor stores? I want to try this drink this weekend, sounds great!

jesselmabus said...

i got my bottle at spec's.

Tiffany said...

Definitely, Curt. I saw some at Centennial and we all know Twin Liquors sells EVERYTHING

Christopher said...

there's this great/cheap liquor store by my house called chris's liquor. i want to ask if i can get a discount because my name is chris.