Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things to RSVP to:

Let me divulge a little background about these shows to you. First of all, both will definitely be fantastic events, with worthwhile, talented artists.

The first one, Annie Mac, DJ for BBC. You have probably heard her adorable accent on BBC Radio 1 and playing electronic mixes and generally great remixes. You can visit her site and listen to her latest "Mash Up." I am listening now, and it's great. Seriously, if you are not familiar with her - check her out online and in person at Barcelona on Sept 28. If you RSVP to right now -- or substantially before the night of the show -- you can get in at the discounted price of $7. Trust me, worth it.

The second one, Art Disaster No. 9 at the Beauty Bar is going to be huge. It is happening the night before ACL starts. So, if you are going, start getting ready for all the music you'll be listening to at Zilker Park by listening to a great line up of local bands and DJs. If you are not going to ACL, go out and enjoy yourself before all those outsiders* swarm into Austin and take it over for the weekend. RSVP to this event on - which takes you to this Do512 site. I believe it is free to those who do. Plus, I am sponsoring this one. Look at my adorable new logo at the bottom of the flier.


* I am not opposed to outsiders. I, however, hate traffic and general lines and waiting.

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