Monday, August 3, 2009

Happening tonight - Monday

I am honestly not familiar with this band, or Tuh-ne & Gnaws, but I know who Richard Henry is. Neither the flier nor the Facebook invite have a price on it, so maybe it is free? But it is Mohawk, so maybe it costs $5 - 8 -- I am not sure. Facebook also says there will be "many free giveaways." Sweet.

Do you find knock-offs overly annoying or acceptable because they are only $17? My usual mindset is the latter. However, after my Room Service purchases today, I may be on a spending ban. Bought: vintage tin can for sewing materials, salt and pepper shakers and navy soft leather gloves for wintertime.



zoe said...

The show at Mohawk isn't free, it's seven bucks.

Kiley said...

where are those amazing shoes from!?