Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am happy because I do not have class tomorrow, which means I can go to the Parish show (check Ultra8201 for more details) guilt-free and enjoy my Thursday night.

Last night, Emo's was packed for Passion Pit. Check out photos on Ultra8201. I didn't quite catch the first act, Cale Parks, and barely saw Harlem Shakes, who seemed good. Passion Pit was great though. It was weird to hear that distinguishable voice live. They played about half of the set from the new album, Manners, and half from the Chunk of Change EP. "Sleepyhead" was great live, but I was sad they didn't play "Cuddle Fuddle." They encored with "The Reeling." I didn't realize that was going to be their big hit. Anyway, it was a sweaty, crowded show. I wish it had been fall or wintertime. That would've been the perfect weather for that show.

Besides the Parish show, which I am obviously endorsing, I have a few other suggestions for your night.

Love how Amy Winehouse has landed on the Sobscene flier. Looks like the photo was taken in the midst of her transition between coke and crack.

To remind myself, up next:
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Aaron Robert Hall said...

Heard lots of great things about the show at Emo's last night. Mostly that it was a sweaty passion pit. Bummer I missed it.

The Peen Scene said...

sobscene definitely should have used a post crack winehouse picture for the flyer.