Friday, June 26, 2009


400th post. I guess this is not a very monumental number - not quite 500. Here's what I've got for tonight.

Here's that Fader event. I am sure it'll be super crowded, given that they will be giving away free Red Stripe. Hope you all RSVP'd, I am sure it is closed already.


Does that mean he's moving?


There was so much Michael Jackson going on downtown last night. As soon as it was confirmed, I was at Polvo's and the restaurant immediately began playing hits. I still don't really believe MJ is dead. I don't know if it is considered exploitation or not, but there are so many parties celebrating his life / mourning his death this weekend. I know Alamo had a sing-a-long in his name late last night. Anyway, hope everyone is coping just fine -- especially those of you who were planning on seeing him this summer (sad).

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