Friday, May 8, 2009

This weekend,

(A note to Fernando: Sorry Fernando, I didn't mean to leave out your Club DeVille 90's bash that I don't think you even took part of this week seeing as you are "out of town on business," -haha- I was basing everything in that post off of Facebook event invites. I do that a lot these days out of laziness. That is a good way to get my attention, I guess. Via facebook or commenting/messaging me about whatever.)

Anyway, yesterday was surely something. Pizza happy hour at Red House Pizzeria will be the end of me. At least I'll die with a full belly and a smile on my face.

I am not 100% on what's going on tonight, but here are some options I've come across. I am personally going to try to make it to Bird's on South Congress. Annie Ray will be manning a 3-D photo booth! I don't know what that means, but hopefully I'll look less 2-D in these pictures. No haircuts for me, though, I'm waiting till my hair reaches my toes.

What is this new 18+ club? I have never heard of it till recently.

As always.

As for Saturday, I kind of want to go to Glass Candy. I think it's $10 if you purchase tickets through Transmission online (really $13 after fees) and $12 at the door. So perhaps I will wait till the night of.

I love this video. This is all I've got for now; I'll update later if needed.


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for your information... my business is my pleasure. And rest assured, last night I was playing MP3's in spirit