Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Kickoff

I was just at a "pool party" tonight, and decided to write about it at this hour because that's the kind of person I am, and it suddenly dawned on me that it's officially my summer. I am finished with school, not that I am* not doing more in the summer. I guess it is officially the season for boat parties (please), pool parties, bathing suits, sunglasses, getting tanner (dang) and short shorts. I think I'm ready. This may change once it becomes over 100 degrees, humid and I start to attract mosquitoes.

Anyway, it was a strange night that involved driving a lot further than usual, a pool, a game of chicken involving some Californians, bad jokes and a Wendy's chicken sandwich. Davey, though, reminded me of his Wednesday weekly at Lanai. I can imagine just chilling on that rooftop and drinking a cold margarita, which if I can recall correctly was insanely cheap there.

Seriously though, all I want to do is have a picnic or a pool party and fun-save** it all. I totally forgot to whip out the fun-saver earlier at the pool party. Now am regretting. Damn.

* The apostrophe/quotation mark key has officially broken off of my laptop keyboard and I am trying to avoid using that little rubber piece in its place. It is definitely falling off as well. Such is life.
** Thanks, A.Lane for that cute term.

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