Monday, May 25, 2009

Mi Vida pt.1

Things I have fun-saved
over the past week, or maybe couple of weeks. I have been posting too many fliers lately. Well, maybe that is all anybody even reads my blog for, but I felt like injecting some of my own personal life in here (as I often do). Let me know how you feel about that. Anyway, here is what life has been about for me so far this summer.

Included: matching shirt boys, crepe dinner party, lounging by the pool with a million cats, Side Bar one night, Shangri La, Red House Pizzeria, and more.


A. Lane said...

I love poolsides with millions of cats. Especially when Pickles the cat is one of them!

Christopher said...

tiffany, you take a lot of pictures of food.

Erin said...

i can see my apartment door from your photo. why wasn't i invited? i like pizza!