Thursday, May 7, 2009

Food on my mind

Can I just take a minute to discuss the amazing food I've been consuming lately? I'm a food fiend. Even though I may seem like I don't eat enough when busy, I think over-eating is really my issue; I consume way too many calories for a person my size.

For a bar, Jackalope has some great food. I had the Frito-Pie burger, yes you can think I'm disgusting for eating probably the least healthy thing on the menu, but it was great. I just wish there was more chili-cheese on it, because that's the kind of girl I am.
+Also, their Garlic Lovers pizza was pretty great and pretty huge. Among three of us, we couldn't even finish it. The tomatoes were perfect. Half off whole pizzas on Tuesdays almost made up for the fact that I did not drink one margarita on Cinco de Mayo.

I tried out Galaxy Cafe. The macaroni and cheese was not the best in the city, but it was pretty good. Also, another burger I've tried (Mushroom Swiss, always) and liked. It wasn't by any means top three status, but it has probably made its way to my top ten.
+ I also ate recently at Casino El Camino, which will always be on top of the list somewhere -- four to be precise with Citysearch. I out-ate my guy friend. Yes, I've got cheeseburger problems.

Pluckers will never fail to be some of the best comfort food. Best macaroni and cheese, hands down. Also, try their cheese enchilada soup and their magic mushrooms.

Nobody wanted to read a word of this. Maybe I'm just hungry again. /End food rant.

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