Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big things coming (Wild Life)

So, the title may attain to this following post -- or it may not. I like to be vague (and with-holding), it's just how I am.

Anyway, by the looks of it the boys of Wild Life are definitely hard at work, bringing acts from out of town and entertaining you (us) guys. I usually prefer to lump all activities of a single day into a single post, but Wild Life is doing so much I feel it is necessary to give them their very own post.

Given that it was Cinco de Mayo, I totally forgot about the weekly at Canvas they hold for Sounds Fun, but it looks like the Tuesdays following will be worth checking out. Especially when Guns N' Bombs is coming a couple weeks from now. Hopefully, I won't be in Dallas yet at that point - we'll see. (I believe I posted a while ago saying I thought they were cute, when they were coming for the Scion event)

Their other new weekly, Safari Club is at Lanai. I believe this week will be Kewl Breeze with Learning Secrets (Thursday) so that place is getting taken over, or so it appears.

I guess Champagne Room was too raunchy.

And here's that Wild Life weekly at Barcelona, which I am trying not to hate very much. I hear it is a lot of fun on Thursdays though, with these boys, rather than those random, strange nights I've ventured over. I think I may just have bad timing. As always.

Wild Life.
And that is that.


James Allen said...

wildlife @ barcelona was worth it last week, i'll be there again this thurs. neat venue too!

V said...

wildlife is always a blast! be there!

RiCHARD.GEAR said...

you better def not be hatin! don't make me get the hose!