Monday, April 13, 2009


Apparently the show tonight IS sold out. No worries. Though, I repeat, everybody who does go ought to cheer Vega on.

For those of you still vital enough to go out these weekdays, I have a couple of options friends are putting on.

Richard Gear's Sounds Fun on Tuesdays is returning to us, now at Canvas Bar and Gallery (105 W. 5th). That was where the Lose Control 3-day party was during SXSW. It's pretty nice in there; I liked it anyway. This week, SF's special guest is King Louie.

This makes me panic a little.
Anyway, I've definitely never been to Volume, but from what I recall it's somewhere roundabouts Beauty Bar, and apparently it's 18+. From what I can gather, also, Details is the reincarnation of Miguel's DJ identity, which once was Mr. Fantastico. I guess Mr. Fantastico is no mo'.

I am going to hole myself up and do work.

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