Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's Tuesday.

+The new weekly at Back Alley Social, which I have yet to check out since it's former Whisky Bar days, is tonight. My friend, Blake Brandon, is guest DJ-ing.
+There's also the Sounds Fun at Canvas Bar and Gallery.

+I know Mates of State and Black Kids will be playing La Zona Rosa, but that will probably not be a viable option for me at $25 or more. I've also already seen Mates of State back in the day. They were great, but I don't think I can afford to go.
+Cake will also be playing Stubb's, but that one is definitely sold out. I never really gave Cake a chance.

+ACL's lineup for 2009 has been released, for those of you who have not yet been informed. Peep it here. Highlights for me are Sonic Youth, B-52s, Passion Pit and kind of Lily Allen. I know for some it'll definitely be a must-go-to event because of various big acts, but honestly, I think Bjork of 2007 did it for me. Majorly. I don't have a cent to spare for this, but I suppose It'll suffice for me to see Passion Pit this summer, be okay with my Sonic Youth experience of 2007 and suck it up. Plus, ACL falls on a very special weekend for me. Sigh.

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frances said...

you should definitely check out !!! if you go... even though it's totally a ways from now.

AND, it's a special weekend for me too! for us! ah!! hahaha.

by the way, my word verification for this comment was "ankled". awesome.