Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank God it's Tuesday;

What an eventful Tuesday it is, at that. I am just happy I'm basically finished with everything stressful for the next two weeks. Besides my job/internship search. So, I lied.

Thanks to Ultra8201 for bringing this 'short film' to my attention. I don't know if that really classifies as a short though; it looks more like semi-decent visuals for projection at a club. I don't know, is that just me? Maybe I'm being too critical.

Man, I forgot The Faint and Ladytron was also on Tuesday. I guess I hardly listen to either of those bands anymore. I suppose I never did very much to begin with besides really liking Ladytron's "Seventeen." Well, no, I saw The Faint (a really good live show, btw) and loved their albums -- but haven't kept up at all. How many albums they've come out with since my brief affair with them, I do not know. Either way, you can still get tickets here. Only $25.

& Spoon is playing with Black Nasty @ Scoot Inn, but apparently that one is sold out. I haven't heard Black Nasty, yet, but I know I like Pink Nasty. Don't read that sentence out loud.

Go to Ultra8201 for more information on shows this week. They've got the goods.

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Trash Can Age said...

It's hard to believe this is all on a Tuesday night. Someone somewhere should have an afterparty.