Monday, April 20, 2009

My Bloody Valentine

@ Austin Music Hall, Tuesday

I know everybody already knows about this. I just found out, I'm going. I hadn't planned, since I've wasted away my (non)fortune on food and shoes. Plus, I really should save my money f I'm going to buy a ukulele or a scooter. Anyway, I checked and apparently tickets aren't even sold out yet -- surprising, to me. They cost about $45 on Get Tix and, I think, on the day of the show, or maybe it'll cost a couple more dollars. Anyway, it'll be worth it considering this is one of the band's only 5 U.S. tour dates.

See ya'll there.

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KRYSTL said...

I stumbled across this on accident (my bloody valentine + ukulele search results), but I hope you got the ticket AND a ukulele. Both are highly worth it.