Friday, April 24, 2009


Can I just argue the validity of this Facebook "Picks"?

I feel like there's a lot more to do tonight & this weekend than there has been in quite a while. Last night was sort of that way. I went to Jackalope for the first time -- though all I ordered there was fried mushrooms. I love mushrooms; these were pretty great, though I'd probably have to say I like Plucker's Magic Mushrooms more than Jackalope's. My friend's $2 draft Ace Pear Cider was also great. Anyway, then Shakespeare's for 1 second. Then, Barcelona for the Irresponsible Voltron event.

I still maintain that Barcelona is a strange, strange club, that I prefer to avoid (like I avoided the strange backward-hat bro who tried grabbing my hand to dance). I hope I don't offend anybody when I say that. However, I do hear, often, that Barcelona is a lot like most of the bars in New York. That is a little disheartening to me, but I am okay with that. To each her own.

I suppose tonight I'll head to the Vega EP release party @ BB. I wish I had more information on where the EP will be sold and what it looks like and what tracks are on it-- but I don't. So, I've got nothing for you.

I may regret this immediately, but here is semi-verification of my previous bob haircut from when I was, what?, a sophomore in high school or some other tweeny year. Just don't judge or laugh at the wardrobe; I was going through a phase, okay? Anyway, here it is:

Why was I wearing a blue bra?
Why did I think it was okay to wear plastic necklaces?
And why did I take so many photos of myself?
(That is only okay these days if you have Photobooth)
... well, I guess I'd been trying to document my hairdo.


Trash Can Age said...

I want that bunny! I'd probably kill it Elmyra style, haha.

I like the hair, are you contemplating cutting it short again?

I love Jackalope's fried pickles. I need to try the mushrooms. Mmmm.

Anonymous said...

just wrote up a small feature on VEGA, there won't be copies of the EP for a bit because they're still waiting on a possible remix by Treasure Fingers