Monday, April 27, 2009

b & g guide to getting down

I just watched this little insightful movie, The Boys And Girls Guide To Getting Down, with my friend -- Thank you for introducing it to me. Anyway, it is this fake sort-of docu-informational flick about the rules and regulations of going out and partying - seemingly for the "alt" crowd. There are these played out scenes between these connected groups of partiers, all set in L.A. Some of the scenes are shot in the Beauty Bar there, which is eerie because they are all laid out the same.

I suggest you watch this movie, if not just for a chuckle. It really reveals so many truths about that 'scene.' It's pretty hilarious. You may find yourself sadly relating to the plots -- or if you are like me, you'll find yourself realizing you are an outsider and you simply observe those activities whilst not quite participating yourself. It's hauntingly reminiscent to things I'd like to lie and say I never observed/experienced in Austin, or people I've met here rather.

The film is pretty witty and satirical and really hits the disparity that is gender differences dead on. Learn all about "pussy power." Also, there's this really cute actress C.C. Sheffield, whose hair I loved. Next haircut? Maybe. (How it was in the film, rather)

I will look past her friendship with Cory Kennedy.


Trash Can Age said...

I rented that randomly from Netflix a while back! Definitely clever. It made me realize we don't really have a lot of movies that capture the 'culture' of our generation - good or bad.

Bang Potential said...

just finished BGGD, dug it, and felt like blog searching it, liked your take, kinda crazy that the only image search it inspired me to do was also of CC