Thursday, April 16, 2009


Tonight, in less than 2 hours at 7 p.m., the barefoot Toms Shoes walk will be happening in Hyde Park. Charlene of Jingles and Jangles put this one on.

You can wear Toms if you want to wear shoes I think.

Meeting place: 39th and Ave. D, where there will be some shirt making. Then I suppose there's the walking.
Ending place: Duval around 42nd or 43rd

I really like the idea behind this. I actually don't have any Toms myself, actually, so I am probably a huge hypocrite or something like that.


frances said...

aw baby thanks for the link.

im about to take a shower actually cuz my feet are black from being a good friend to charlene. haha

Charlene said...

I luv the links and I luv this post!