Monday, March 16, 2009


Yes, Scott's party/show/thing is going to be legendary. I can already feel it. Don't worry about the location; the directions are on the flier.

He got so many big names on the bill.

4:30 Tempo No Tempo (Oakland)
5:15 Clip’d Beaks (LA)
6:00 A Faulty Chromosome (Austin)
6:45 Fiasco (Brooklyn)
7:30 Harlem (Austin)
8:15 Ringo Deathstarr (Austin)
9:00 Garotas Suecas (Brazil)
9:45 French Miami (San Francisco)
10:30 OH SNAP!! & Jen Lasher (Maryland)
11:15 The Mae Shi (LA)
12:00 Anavan (LA)
12:45 The Golden Filter (NYC)
2:15 Steed Lord (Iceland)
3:00 Villains (LA)

I will see you there.

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