Thursday, March 12, 2009


I won't be here, and it seems like I'll be missing out on some good stuff.

Good artists.

This one'll be amazing. Heartsrevolution is too cute.
Hopefully you've all RSVP'd HERE so I don't repeat myself. Too late.

A Rare Magazine event: This one sounds like a good live music event with lots of local bands. Also, it's Rare. Also, wait for some Rare surprises I've got in store :D

March 12, 2009 @ The Parish $15

music by:

Patricia Vonne
Sounds Under Radio
The Rocketboys
Soldier Thread
Built By Snow
Kacy Crowley
Austin Colllins
Hollywood Gossip
Lady Legacy

brand spanking new art by:

/ Bill Stidham & his Sacred Heart Series /
Be there as Bill unveils his new Sacred Hearts.
50% of original art sales and 25% of limited editions this night will be donated to HAAM!

Take care, Austin, I'll see you on Sunday.

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