Thursday, March 19, 2009

SXSW: Thursday

I am getting sick of that all-caps shit, mostly because it's obnoxious and makes me sound excited about my titles when in reality I am not. I just did it because I though it looked more aesthetically pleasing with the black bar across.

If my sisters and I had been born goddesses we could've ended up like these girls.

I'm sure everyone had a big, awesome first music day of Sx. I didn't, I meant to- but didn't. Thus, today (Thursday) is going to be different. Here is what I like, as chronologically as I could get it:
11:30AM - 6PM @Radio Room (508 E. 6th)
+ ft. Au Revoir Simone, Passion Pit, etc.
noon - 8 PM @Malverde (2nd & Guadalupe)
+ All That Sparkles ft. Learning Secrets, Telepathe, The Pains
4:45PM @Red House Pizzeria (1917 Manor)
+ Au Revoir Simone plays at that time
7PM - 2AM @Beauty Bar
+ IHEARTCOMIX Showcase with all the usuals
Midnight - 5AM @Palm Door (401 Sabine St.)
+ Fool's Gold & Scion ft. A-trak, Kid Sister, Little Boots, etc.
3AM - Late @Music Gym (E. 5th & I-35)
+ Some Austin DJs

(Italicized are the things I think I'll even attempt to go to)

PS/Stole this idea from Famousish. Good way to keep myself organized.
PPS/The late-night at Black and Tan was pretty great, it's too bad that joint's going to be closed down by the end of the month.


jonathan said...

i met those ladies yesterday, they were quite sweet. are they pretty good b/c i was thinking of going to go see them

Tiffany Diane said...

I would say so. I haven't quite kept up to date with their music but when I did listen to it, I liked it a lot.