Friday, March 27, 2009

Post-SX Lull

After scrambling around on the usual sites (which is in reality not much of a scramble) in search of something to do this post-south-by weekend, I've decided there really isn't much to do, which is totally fine. It's understandable that everybody exerted their energy to throw a million parties during Southby and are now taking a little rest from that action. Thus, this is what I dug up:

On Friday, if you crave live music, this is a viable option.
White Denim, Built By Snow, Harlem at Antones.

A DJy-dance option at Creekside.

A fashion show! This looks like it could be interesting with Secret Oktober, a steam-punk store, and Strut sharing a runway (?). Either way, it's at the Pangaea which I have yet to visit.

And on Saturday, another Flashlight Party at Beauty Bar. I still have yet to figure out what the "flashlight" part means. Take it literally, I suppose.

Did anything happen last night? I conked out before midnight in photoshoot make up. Oops.


amber demure. said...

my understanding is there is free catering from Sullivan's Steakhouse at the Pangaea thing. Last time I went to an event they catered it was awesome. They're doing some free mimosas/wine/snackums at the Domain today and tomorrow also with fashion shows and the guy from queer eye - check out page 4:

Charlene said...

shangri la was deadeadead last night. you didn't miss anything.

p.s. thanks for the white rose! i was running to work and frazzled.