Monday, March 16, 2009


Lady Gaga's Beautiful Dirty Rich music video is cute. That's the wrong word. I just like her wardrobe. I know it's fake money, but it makes me cringe when she puts it in her mouth like that; money is filthy. I love how Lady Gaga's always so theatric, but I know I will soon tire of her -- especially seeing her with her crazy hair bows walking around public in a leotard. As for now, I'll indulge.

Plus, that guy she's sitting with on the couch is a fox.

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StephanieAnn said...

hi tiff, i'm not sure how to reply to your comments so i'll comment on both my blog and yours. anyway.. i like the whole skyline thing i've got going for my banner.. maybe you could do one for me using a taipei picture and then another one using the dallas skyline for when i get back?

thank you!

love and miss you!