Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've gotten a lot (well, a few) comments and e-mails about this upcoming SXSW -- parties, shows, any information really. And I have been probably the least helpful person ever. I have been meaning to do some of my own research and planning, but I haven't. I've heard of a couple of things of course but have yet to post anything thus far.

So, I'm going to begin today, though I have much more important work to be doing at the moment. I'll start a separate "label" for SXSW posts that you should be able to access in my aesthetically pleasing "label cloud" on the right panel.

To the important information: I have been informed by Richard.Gear of a pretty badass sounding show that will be happening the latter dates of the festival.

This seems like a predominately electro-dance-disco DJ party. I am, of course, not familiar with all of the talent, but of the listed -- The Twelves, Designer Drugs, Kill the Noise, Le Castle Vania, Steedlord, Ocelot, Treasure Fingers, Vega, Richard Gear, Juiceboxxx, Miami Horror, etc. etc. are all good. The full list is here. You can also RSVP for the event on the Web site. 21+

I have seen most of those that I listed (which explains why I am familiar with them, because I'm not the best at keeping up with the music-times). If anybody remembers the Designer Drugs tank incident, or my love for Vega's music, or the dismally small Kill The Noise Dallas show, and other various things I have posted about.

I have a feeling that is going to be a ridiculous party. Well, there you go. My first SX post, with probably a lot more to come. By the way, if you have any further inquiries about anything leave a comment, ask for my e-mail, whatever, and I'm usually good for the response. Also, am considering hosting a party or after-party. Maybe. Only if somebody else wants to join me in my endeavors.
-Tiffany Diane

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The Peen Scene said...

that's a pretty insane line up! aaaaaand if you do throw an afterparty, the peen scene wants to be there!!