Wednesday, February 4, 2009


PC: Terry Richardson - Lily Donaldson
It's my 200th post! I guess I'm workin' a lot faster than I had been beforehand. Especially because I feel like very recently I had my 100th post. So, a thank you to everybody who keeps up with this little bloglet. I'll call it a blog-let because it's not really a full grown blog yet. By no means is it up to Famousish, East Austinite, Austin Eavesdropper, Party Ends level. However, it's a hobby and I intend to continue.

For you are two mixes that I deem worthy of reposting. Their owners Prepmode and Redsean, of Dallas, are two very talented DJs. I'm sure you will enjoy them.

"MIXED NUTS" - A Dance Mix
mixed by redsean


5 on it - Prepmode

Here's a little something Prepmode said in explanation for his mix:
+"So, just like old folks, I believe that music should be given respect. We celebrate people who retire with parties, but what do we do for the music that we retire from our Vinyl/CD collections, or top playlists, or whatever your specific preference is?? I decided that I would celebrate tracks that I no longer foresee myself playing at gigs by presenting the “5 ON IT” Mix Series. Each time around, I will select 5 tracks that have put a smile on my face along with many others." So, I guess, expect to see many more of these.

Today, you can go to Waterloo for an in-store performance by Ben Kweller @ 5PM.

And I leave you with a new favorite song of mine. I'm excited that I can possibly see them perform this SXSW (so soon!)

Joie de vivre,
Tiffany Diane


trevor said...

Hey Tiffany I love your blog! I'm a daily reader. Congrats on 200th post! Hope to meet you in person out on the town someday.

Trevor Ray Thompson

Tiffany Diane said...

Thanks for reading, Trevor. You have actually taken a couple of photos of me over the course of the year -- if I recall correctly. I'll see you soon, I'm sure, and say Hi this time.