Monday, January 12, 2009

VCR: Vega

Well all right.

Last night, I went to the VEGA show in Dallas, at The Cavern to be exact. The place was packed -- no doubt everybody came to see Alan (the man behind Vega) perform live -- regardless of the $5 cover for 21+ and the $8 for 18+. To say the least, Vega did amazingly. His backup, the drummer formally of Gazelles, a Denton band, and guitarist Ronald (??), and himself had the crowd going like it was a concert at Gypsy Ballroom, back before Deep Ellum of Dallas became completely altered and lost it's live music appeal. OR, to explain it in Austin terms, really kind of like a Scion Events live concert at Beauty Bar.

Vega is signed under the blossoming label, Vogue College Records, which as far as I know has only Vega signed but seem to be doing well for themselves. I also heard some inside information that I'm not sure I'm allowed to quite say yet, but it's probably okay to say that Vega is working on a new song and hopefully I'll be able to post it on my site once it's ready.

By the way the party was put on by Dance Your Face Off, who I just found out has a pretty nice little blog.


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Doneski said...

Love me some Vega.