Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rich's in Houston?

I don't suppose people are still talking about their New Year's Eves, but I just found this video via The Famousish and had to share. I haven't ever been to Houston and never really planned on it, but judging by this video it seems like it'd be a lot of fun actually. I don't know how downtown was in Austin (I had to stay out of it for my own sanity) but this place doesn't seem so bad. Also, I spotted DJ friend Joshua Distance in the vid, so I suppose the music in the background is all him.

So much girl-on-girl, yeesh. Let's go to Houston sometime, someone.


Kiyoshi said...

if i had to pick, i'd choose austin - but for now, we'll keep shooting in houston... but we'll be in your city next thursday!

Tiffany Diane said...

Oh cool, you shot this?

I think Joshua mentioned his Houston friends coming, so if you are a part of that group of friends maybe I'll meet you :)