Tuesday, January 20, 2009

music to make love
to your old lady

Satin Sheet Vol. 1 - DJ Sober

SOBER of The Party/Central Booking sent me this musical gem today. He told me about it a while ago; it seemed to be his passion project (pun inadvertently intended). It's a pretty smooth collection of R&B and Soul, as far as my un-musically-inclined ear can tell. The idea behind the mix is as I titled the post. As soon as he posted the mix on his own site, saying he uses the songs to "warm up his Dj nights and his bedroom" it immediately reminded me of the old Lovage album.

[click on that for a little treat]

Really enjoy these albums now,
;) TD

P.S. The Party boys are DJing this Thursday for a John Legend after-party in Dallas hosted by John Legend himself. I am so impressed! Go to Sober's Myspace for more information: LINK

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