Friday, January 9, 2009


Alright, here is what I've compiled from blogs, myspaces, and the internet in general. I think it's about time I update this site and make a little calendar on the right-hand side as to not be so messy and obnoxious with these long posts. I'll see about doing that; I'm not very tech-savvy, so we'll see.

Here's the last of the Free Week shows from Transmission:

This isn't the same thing as Peligrosa, is it?

This seems like it'd be pretty cool. It's going on pretty much all hours between being awake and going out to a party, so you've got a music/coffee pit-stop to make before going out.

I guess you've got to RSVP to this one by emailing Got this one from the lovely East Austinites, who (if I get my lazy ass around to it) I will be doing a blog feature about.

I guess they're "back," with all the same Hype Headz DJs as per usual.

This is the aforementioned Music Gym party. I love parties at the Music Gym, when things don't go to shit that is. This should be pretty cool though and it'll go late. Suggested donation is $4, but I suppose you don't have to if you don't want to.

^ An acquaintance of mine recently acquired new housing in the 601 Brushy Loft which used to be inhabited by the FullSound/Philips people. That is pretty amazing, and they are throwing a party Saturday. I wish I could be there; I absolutely love the loft and the roof. Go if you've got the chance, especially if you are friends with James Allen.

Another Free Week shindig.


This one's with The Black, International Waters, and DJ Remy Mac. It's also the last of the Transmission Free Week. This one sounds like it's worth going to for free-live-music-lovers AKA:anyone in Austin.


Just go out, the holiday break is over soon.

Much Love,
Tiffany Diane

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teenagewolf said...

people have to pay the cover 4 bux
tonite @ music gym :P