Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Retrospect

This weekend has been really weird.

Thursday night, going to the Scion event and dancing the entire night and retiring to a Frito Pie at Starseed's afterward was really rewarding. Ending my night really early to take care of a friend Friday night was alright. How was the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, everybody? Dancing on the stage with Z-Trip at FFFFest Saturday, which I didn't plan on going to, was probably the highlight of my weekend. The drama at Black and Tan was just awkward/entertaining. Don't really know what was going on with that.
Now it's time to decompress and do a shitload of work.

© D├íniel Perlaky [FLICKR]
He has a few FFF photos up already, that one is from Dan Deacon on the electro stage.

Where and when can I get my hands on some of those Z-Trip photos?


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Tiffany Diane said...

thanks! I spotted a miniature me in the corner of one of the images haha.