Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween is Over

I hope everybody did what I did this Thurs-Saturday and went out and celebrated Halloween this weekend minus the complete misery on Sunday. Either way, I was excited to see how bad ass the photobooth pictures from this weekend had turned out. Here's what I've gotten my eyes on so far.

RSLACK.COM photos from the Nightmare on 12th St. Party

TREVORAY.COM photos from the Rancho Relaxo Party

FLAMPY.NET photos from the Avenue A Party Saturday

I was Domo on the first night and some asian version of Penelope Tree the second night. It was crazy, my hair was all straight -- it looked much better at the beginning of the night. Oh well, go look for yourself! Now, all I need are those OutWithMe photos. . .


That Austin Girl said...

I LOVE that zipper costume!!!!

And you look freaking adorable.

EliteSuburbanites said...

Thats a sweet Domo outfit! some how I managed to not see you this whole day I'll actually meet you...granted the drawn out nature of this event will likely make it awkward...meh...cya!