Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Post #100 of this blog:

I have an announcement to go along with it/which also kind of fits into this being my 100th blog.

This Saturday, I will be the guest monologist at the weekly Coldtowne Theater's "Stool Pigeon" routine. [click for detail on the event] Coldtowne, "Austin's newest refuge for comedy," is a pretty new comedy venue, opened 2006, but it is already receiving high accolades.

"The cast of Stool Pigeon reads like a Who's Who of Austin improv. Each week, a new cast of award-winning performers, sketch comedy writers, theater managers, festival producers, and touring improvisers come together to twist the stories of a local celebrity guest into completely improvised scenes. Sponsored by The Onion.

Tonight's Pigeon is blogger Tiffany Diane of Austin Is Burning." -From the site.

Calling me a "local celebrity guest" is probably more flattering than true, but I was happy to be asked to take part in something so cool, regardless, even though public speaking or comedy (unless being laughed at counts) are not things I normally take part in. Couldn't miss the chance though. Chris Trew (terp2it), who asked me to do this, recently performed at FFFFest -- he was Jesus -- and the Coldtowne comedy crew had a set on the comedy stage. Didn't catch it, but I'll assume it was badass.

Now, I just have to make sure I don't make an ass of myself or stutter. Any ideas for a good monologue? ($7-$10)
-Tiffany Diane

P.S. Come out to support me if you can.


EliteSuburbanites said...

"Calling me a "local celebrity guest" is probably more flattering than true"... no dude it's true... I'm generally just to nervous to ask for an autograph :)

Chris Trew said...

I can put the first three people who email me on the list for the show this Saturday.