Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Treasure City Recap

Models: Maggie and Clara, Photos: Ann Harkness
[to view all photos go to this Flickr]

Treasure City's fashion show was packed on Friday. There was literally not enough room for everybody who showed up to see the runway. I was teetering on top of a fold out chair that I suspected to break in half any second just to see the pieces from the back. I loved a lot of the collections, however I wish I could figure out exactly which ones those were... a little pamphlet would be a nice addition to next years show.

A list of all of the featured designers plus the names of their lines is now on the Treasure City Thrift Fashion Show website.

Name Collection
Aaron Torres “Phar Out”
Amelia Railey “Double-Speak”
Annie Alonzi
Arianna Jones “Fifty-Seven Ninety-One”
Belen Ruiz “Hippie Ethnic”
Chia “Blood by Chia and Javi”
Cory Skuldt
Dani Johnson “Claynelah"
Emily Vinson “Worksheets”
Estella Starr
Jen Delk “Spinsta”
Jinny Carder “Tailored Chic”
Kari Perkins “Trashion Line: Detritus"
Kate Worthington “Katrina”
Kelsi Page "CiCi"
Leslie Torbett “Estelle Clothing”
Liza Eyster
Mallory Garmon
Melissa Long “Melissa Long Wearables”
Natalie Ford
Noel Wells “Uni-Circles”
Rachel Fields “Chris Isaak Mends his Broken Heart”
Tina Sparkles

Good job to all the designers, Treasure City, Mike Litt, and the pretty models. Maybe this is something you'd like to get involved in next year. I know I'm considering it (not that I have any skills whatsoever that qualify me).

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That Austin Girl said...

So believe it or not...this beautiful, awesome Maggie girl on the left is my intern!! Who may be joining me at Black & Tan shortly!